Descendants and Friends meet in Nashville to view the flag!

The Colors

On Saturday, December 5th, a group 26th of descendants and friends met in Nashville for a private viewing of the flag that is conjectured to be WD 289, and believed to belong to the 26th Mississippi. It was a weekend the attendees will never forget. Up until a few months ago, we despaired of ever seeing a picture of the flag. But during the private viewing, we were able to examine the flag up close, and even touch it!

Another surprise surfaced at the meeting. An autograph album of officers who were imprisoned at Fort Warren in 1862 contained inscriptions of three of our 26th Miss officers!

We know many of you wanted to come, but were unable. So we took pictures! Visit our social network and message board to see all the pics. Click here to go there now

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Why all the hoopla over the flag?

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The 26th Mississippi has largely been overlooked by Civil War historians and this website seeks to give this unit the historical recognition it deserves. I hope you'll point and click your way around this site and get to know these simple men who exhibited uncommon bravery and courage in a complex war.

Relief Portrait of Col. A. E. Reynolds

Photo Pic Did you know a monument in memory of the commander of the 26th Miss exists? The monument of Col. Reynolds was erected in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1915. This honor was bestowed upon him since he served as a brigade commander during the Vicksburg Campaign. He assumed command of Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilghman's brigade in Loring's Division after Tilghman was killed at the Battle of Champion Hill.

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